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About Motama Kitchens and Interiors

Motama are geared to deliver pristine interior designs. Whether it’s a kitchen, entrance, cinema, living area, office or anything based on the project. They go above and beyond to meet the clients’ needs.

The company has been in business since 2015. It’s employees are passionate and fully dedicated to ensuring that clients receive the ultimate best.  

Aluwani is the company’s owner and Interior Designer.  She has appeared in prestigious magazines like SA Home Owner as well as on DSTV’s Home Channel for her work.

What have been some of your favorite projects?

Nothing can beat the opportunity of servicing young kids.  More so, kids that know what they want and have wonderful ideas. We recently worked on a house located in Rietvlei view Country Estate were the kids were totally involved in shaping up their room. We presented several options and the kids chose what they saw fit for their room, they did not compromise.  We thoroughly enjoyed an opportunity to work with them towards completion of some of the most beautiful, minimal and functional bedrooms.

How did you get started in the industry?

I believe that I was born with great interior taste. After furnishing my first house my friends and family started requesting advise.  It got to the point when they started requesting me to accompany them to the shops.  I was an Engineer at the time so I used my salary to purchase a kitchen and interior design software.  I gave myself time to learn until I showed one of my sisters the design.  Immediately she requested me to design her house.  She loved the designs so much that she tasked us to execute. Our first execution was beautiful and the rest is History.

What have been some of your most challenging projects?

Limpopo project was super challenging.   We did interior design and general construction (i.e. paving, tiling, electrical works, plumbing and paving).  The seven-bedroom house was not properly built and all the issues required to be addressed before the Architectural Interior design work could commence.  The worst part was that we only had a month to complete the work. We managed to complete the project on time and produced the most beautiful and quality product.

What have been some of your favorite projects?

I am inspired by Simple and luxurious Interior Design that do not compromise the quality and functionality.  

What are some tips to consider when selecting wood panels for the home?

  1. Be 100% sure of the style and look to be achieved, whether one wants to achieve a contemporary look, a modern look and etc. will basically inform the type of wood and textures to go for.
  2. The quality and the guarantee of the wood is very important because it defines the durability of the wood. However, the most critical is the edging quality, whether the edging glue is water resistant is significant in the choice of the wood and ultimately the supplier.
  3. Proper integration of the wood and other elements which are planned/ are currently used within the home is key. This is why it is critical to have a 3D design that shows how the room elements and the wood can harmonize. We often refer to this as the power of 3D design, it helps with the choice of wood and texture.  

Aluwani can be contacted via email at  mutamaa@motama.co.za

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